Capability Statement

Gree GMV NorCal is a minority owned California registered corporation specializing in clean energy initiatives, specifically heat pumps for energy efficiency for both commercial and residential purposes.

Harnessing the abundant untapped resources within our neighborhoods is imperative for the efficient development of programs aimed at enhancing these communities and the well-being of their residents.

Promoting Understanding and Positive Change+
Advocating for Smart City Development+
Fostering Collaboration for Community Improvement+
Accelerating Diridon Station / Google Village Development+

Gree GMV NorCal is dedicated to unifying the Neighborhood Leadership Council, United Neighborhoods, and individual Neighborhood Commissions. This collaboration aims to establish an emergency and disaster preparedness program starting at the grassroots level, spanning the 10 districts in San José.

In pursuit of our short-term goals and long-term mission to invigorate and efficiently develop neighborhoods with the well-being of all citizens in mind, Gree GMV NorCal will strategically partner with local businesses. Securing corporate funding is a core element of our strategy, ensuring the organization's ability to energize communities and advance their development.

Certificate Richard Wong

Past Performance

  • SmartCityCaUSA (Non-Profit)
  • ECS Design, Inc (For Profit)

Association Member

Industry Council for Small Business Development


  • Self-certified Minority Owned Small Business
  • Community Emergency Response Team Certification