Richard Wong, CEO
Richard Wong, CEO

Richard Wong – CEO

Richard Wong, a devoted husband and father, takes pride in being a resident of Delmas Park and a local business owner. With a multicultural worldview and proficiency in English, Chinese, and Spanish, he brings a wealth of experience from living and working across the globe. Engaging in volunteer work for various neighborhood organizations, including the San José District 3 Community Council and the Delmas Park Neighborhood Association, Richard has collaborated with Division Managers from Mayor Sam Liccardo's office. Recently, he assumed a seat on the board of ACT for Mental Health.

Richard views these endeavors as essential components in realizing a collective vision for stronger communities, ensuring the safety of our streets and children, and contributing to San José's reputation as one of the "safest big cities in America." Recognized by neighbors and friends as an ambassador and liaison committed to uniting communities, he aligns with Mayor Liccardo's vision for San José to become a "Smart City" led by a "Smart Government." Richard is invigorated by the importance of Earthquake and Community Emergency Preparedness Programs in achieving this goal.

In 1996, Energy Conservation Service and Design, Inc (ECSD) was founded as an Engineering-Construction firm. Licensed (CA 746472) as a General-G, Mechanical-C20, and Electrical-C10 Firm, ECSD, under the leadership of Richard Wong, a visionary in engineering, spearheaded the conceptualization of Smart Building Consortium. Balancing social, economic, and political factors, Richard has played a crucial role in shaping public perception worldwide. As environmental challenges persist in 2024, ECSD continues to pioneer Smart City and Energy Conservation Measures for better communities, embracing the evolution of social, economic, and political landscapes.